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SRF 1 en Direct

Nom de la chaîne SRF 1
Catégorie General Divertissement
Pays Suisse

srf 1SRF 1 is a German-language Swiss television channel, one of three produced by the SRG SSR public-service broadcasting group (the others being SRF zwei and SRF info). The channel, formerly known as SF1, was renamed on 16 December 2012, together with its sister German-speaking TV channels and five radio channels, as part of an exercise aimed at emphasizing their common ownership as well as establishing a shared web presence for all of them.

The channel promotes itself as "a full-service TV station with a high proportion of home-produced content, especially documentaries and dramas" that offers "news and current affairs, education, arts, and entertainment for all", and it focuses on drama, entertainment, news and current affairs.